Thursday, August 6, 2009

Fishing Spots

It's 5.30 am in the morning & all i keep thinking about are those cleaner type fish that were sucking on my feet whilst climbing up a rocky stream yesterday. The Last time i went fishing was as way back as April. But the good news is the Monsoon is about to change & a the New West Coast season should bring forth more fishing Trips. Starting around September the Sea should be far less choppy & ideal for fishing while the East coast goes in reverse.

Hopefully i'd be able to join the Ceylon Sea Anglers club this season. If i can come up with the money that is. But seriously, if you want to learn the best fishing spots in SL you ought to join the club. They boast of probably the biggest group of crazy fisherman i've ever seen & their organized fishing tournaments & trips are a blast.

(Image of the Old Sea Anglers Club @ Clappenberg Bay, Trincomalee)

But my Friend tells me that they were unable to renew their Long term lease of the Sea Anglers Club in Trinco. (Sunday Times Article) Such a shame! But they apparently found a new plot of land which they want to buy outright? (Rumour...?)

Anyway, If Off shore fishing is your thing & the Travel is a definite No no, i suggest you to pack up your gear & head down to the bathing steps/place in Diyawannawa Rajagiriya. (Right on Parliment road). It's usually allowed unless it's a Poya. beleive me you'd be suprised with the Catch! A throw net is perfect if you want to catch Lunch in 1 hour. But if it's the chilling your looking for this place is equally good for casting & minimum patience is required. Morning times are the best starting at around 5.30am to 8am.

If anyone knows of any Good Off Shore fishing spots close to Colombo Pls do let me know!


  1. Are you still in Chennai?
    I know this has nothig to do with your post - sorry! If you are - send me an email and I'll give you the contact number I am on whilst here. If you want to that is - no pressure! :)

    I'll be in Chennai for another 4 days or so.

  2. Oye! Utopian *waves like a mad man!* I tagged thee in my lil' post on LURVE... hehe, read it, get a few ideas, and write your own version please thank you very much okay bye! *waves again* follow my name to the blog + post...

  3. I really want to know what 'poya' means. Instead of googling it, I'm asking you :P

    This guy who commented above me (tubelight) is funny- "lease thank you very much okay bye" hahaha :D And all the waving too :D.